Month: April 2018

Agile sales

There are three changes in the sales world that makes agile sales important. Millennials are becoming a larger and larger part of your sales team and their world is different. Customers are different. Customers elf-educate. The unprecedented amount of available data. The agile sales methodology makes it much easier for reps to respond in real time and …

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How GDPR will benefit sales

How GDPR will benefit sales The core principles of GDPR need to be embedded into your company’s processes, technology and attitudes. Beyond regulatory requirements, GDPR offers many commercial opportunities and benefits to an organisation. In merely complying with GDPR organisations are missing a trick because this is about restoring trust and confidence between you and …

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Consultative Selling

“Consultative selling is an approach that focuses on creating value and building trust with the prospect. It focuses on exploring their needs before offering a solution. The salesperson’s first objective is building a relationship; their second is providing the right product.” Recent research by Gallup finds that less than half of customers believe sellers adequately …

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