October 2020

Using Excel as a CRM

Using excel as a CRM

We all have been using Excel as a CRM for years. It may be down to keeping our Christmas list up to date with our friends addresses or recording who has purchased the new soccer gear for the local kids team. However, for businesses it is not sustainable as a business grows. More than half …

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Re-Evaluating CRM Technology

Re-evaluating CRM Technology

The foundational understanding of customer needs is changing in favour of a rich multichannel experience. Companies are facing the challenge of determining whether their existing technologies and processes are effective. In doing so they are increasingly Re-evaluating CRM Technology.

How to avoid CRM failure

How to avoid CRM failure

In this blog I consider some of the main ways how to avoid CRM failure within any organisation. There’s been a Failure against CRM in recent years with 25-30% of companies that implement CRM solutions feeling that they are getting the return they expected. The findings of a poll of 100 SME organisations with CRM …

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Sales Qualification

Sales qualification is all about gathering all the necessary insights to make a good judgment. That judgement will determine if, as a business you bid or do not bid. It will also ensure that you have the best possible opportunity at being successful in your bid. In sales, there are no medals for second place. …

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