November 2020

Value Creation

Consultative Selling

The World Changed New technologies have enabled – and continue to enable – fundamental changes in the ways we live and work. Most of us are too busy to take time out to think through the implications in detail. What many of us do experience are new sales challenges that seem to come out of …

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Free vs Paid for CRM

Free vs. Paid for CRM

What am i missing out on with a Free vs. Paid for CRM. The answer is more involved than you may first appreciated. CRM is one of few things which is available both free or alternatively you can pay £1,000s. So why select a purchased CRM over a free version. There are multiple factors to …

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Managing Sales Performance

Maximizing Sales Payback

For the last 15 years, in fair economic conditions, enterprises have generally been able to move forward, achieving adequate revenues, and using new technologies and processes to cut costs. It could not go on indefinitely, of course. Toning up to get rid of fat is one thing but cutting into muscle is quite another. The …

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