January 2022

The Customer Decision Journey

There has been seismic shift in the customer decision journey over the past 10 years. In a recent post looked at how inbound marketing has changed the lead generation during this period This post takes a look at the shift in the customer decision journey. The past 10 years has seen traditional selling change substantially. …

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Sales Funnel

A Healthy Sales Pipeline

A healthy sales Pipeline is critical to an organisations sales success. You might think you have enough deals to make your number. But in truth, your sales pipeline may be clogged with dead ends. A healthy sales pipeline is one where new business opportunities are well qualified with your business offering the most convincing sales …

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A Stagnating Sales Pipeline

A Stagnating Sales Pipeline

A Stagnating Sales Pipeline can be an classic indicator that your sales performance is in decline. Are your sales efforts producing a Stagnating Sales Pipeline It is inevitable that at some point sales processes and sales methodologies will fail to maximize revenue and provide your organisation with the growth in new business that it needs. …

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Reasons for implementing CRM

Reasons for implementing CRM

The top reasons for implementing CRM are driven by a company’s desire to improve both business processes and individual performance. Organisations want to elevate their customer experience management and fundamentally improve profitability. Many successful CRM implementations have proven that recording, analysing, and more closely managing prospect and customer relationships is an effective way to derive …

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