5 new business trends for 2014

Based on some light reading online over Christmas, I have summarised what the industry predicts are going to be the new business trends for 2014. Have a read and then have a think about how your business is positioned to respond to these trends?

1. Mobility, Smartphones and Tablet technology are changing the way you do business.
Employees increasingly need access to vital business applications (such as CRM) via their mobiles. These are critical for staying on top of tasks, arrange their calendars, collaborate with others, monitoring Key Performance Indicators, interacting with customers, to name but a few.

2. Cloud based and hosted technologies
The move to the cloud for businesses wanting a cost effective, accessible and low maintenance solution is set to grow further in 2014. In 2013, the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to CRM accounts for 40% of the total market. It is a proven delivery method for CRM which offers major benefits in terms of cost, availability and flexibility.

3. Social Media
Ignoring the growing need to offer customer service via social media is no longer an option. In addition there are big marketing and sales benefits available for harnessing social media.

4. More and more business spend on marketing
One of the most significant business trends in 2014 is likely to be a change in consumer habits. Increasingly customers will completed their product research online before seeking a conversation with sales. This trend is requiring business to spend more on Marketing and Marketing automation software; ensuring potential customers not only find your company online, but are also offered the right information at the right time, to aid them to make a purchasing decision, driving your business revenues!

5. Usability of software and the App based mentality
The need to ensure whichever software you adopt to assist you and your new technologically aware workforce in 2014 is fit for purpose with a major focus on product usability

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