As a sales person, a critical part of our daily activity is negotiation sales deals. Success negotiations tied to ongoing relationships, tend to involve multiple issues beyond simply price. having looked specifically at sales negotiation in a previous blog, below I have looked specifically at the negotiation process. Negotiation, by definition, is the process by which …

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Trusted Advisor

A Trusted Advisor

In many businesses, it is the people that matter. The personal relationship and trust that a long term relationship elevates a vendor into A Trusted Advisor. Trusted advisors are more likely to have their advice taken, open new lines of communication, gain referrals and have more constructive and effective client interactions. LEAD WITH TRUST The most effective leaders …

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Spin Selling

SPIN Selling

If you’re a B2B salesperson, you’ve probably heard about SPIN Selling. It’s one of the most well-known selling systems. It gives reps a research-backed framework for working and closing complex deals with extended sales processes. The strategy focuses on asking good questions in the right order, using active listening, and translating the prospect’s needs into …

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Win / Loss Analysis

Win / Loss Analysis

No matter how good you are, there are always ways to get better, and ways to continue boosting that winning percentage until you’re finally crowned a champion.  That’s why Best-in-Class organisations undertake Win / Loss Analysis. If we understand what we have done well that can then be engrained into our sales strategy. More importantly, …

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Consultative Sales Process

Consultative Selling

“Consultative selling is an approach that focuses on creating value and building trust with a prospect. It focuses on exploring their needs before offering a solution. The salesperson’s first objective is building a relationship; their second is providing the right product.” Recent research by Gallup finds that less than half of customers believe sellers adequately …

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Qualifying a prospect

Qualifying a prospect

One of the most important skills in a salesman’s toolkit is their ability in successfully qualifying a prospect. This qualification determines how likely the prospect is to purchase from you, rather than your competitor. Successfully qualifying a prospect helps determine our success as sales professionals. It quickly determines if the relationship should continue, and if …

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Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile

Quantity versus quality. Have you ever onboarded a customer only to wished that you’d never closed that sale? This is what happens when you sell to a prospect that has a poor or non-existing match to your organisation’s product or service offering. A sales rep has potentially up to 35% of poor prospects that they …

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Value Proposition Canvas

Value Proposition

Prospects typically use objections when we (salespeople) fail to convey the Value Proposition effectively. That is, the value the customer receives when buying a product or service from us, rather than the competitors. One tool used to help salespeople understand their Value Proposition is the Value Proposition Canvas. The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool …

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Sales Methodology

Sales Methodology

In my last blog I looked at Sales Processes. On reflection I thought that it was important to define how a sales process is different to a Sales Methodology. Fundamentally a ‘Sales Process’ is the approach or map for how to perform a task in selling. The ‘Sales Methodology’ is the ‘how’ of selling as a …

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