On-premise or Cloud CRM

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM.

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM. Discovering your best option for CRM deployment. Selecting the right CRM deployment option for your organisation can be confusing. The decision to go with an On-premise CRM or Cloud may be further complicated by the organisational business requirement. These requirements may take into consideration integration requirements, the organisations existing IT …

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So Many CRM’s

So Many CRM Options With so many CRM’s in the marketplace how do you whittle your important purchase down to make sure you find the right one? You know your company needs one. The whole team would benefit from one. You have convinced the boss. You have found the budget – now what?? It is …

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Benefits of CRM for Small Business

B2B Salesperson

B2B Salesperson “Death of a B2B Salesperson,” A recent report by Forrester Research, found that by a factor of 3 to 1, B2B buyers, like their B2C counterparts, self-educate to learn about offerings prior to making purchasing decisions. Thus, Inbound Marketing has evolved to be a key new business strategy for many organisations. Inbound Marketing …

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great sales leaders

Great sales leaders

Great sales leaders Every salesperson knows the quality of their sales manager will have a profound impact on their own success. A study by Harvard Business Review supports this point. Sixty-nine percent of salespeople who exceeded their annual quota rated their sales manager as being excellent or above average. In addition, the quality of the sales organization …

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high performing salespeople

High Performing Salespeople

High Performing Salespeople What separates high performing salespeople who exceed their quota from underperformers who miss their quotas by more than 25%? Recent research carried out by Harvard Business Review involving nearly 800 salespeople and sales leaders to better answer this question. The research provides interesting insights about the attributes of high-performing top salespeople compared …

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Sales Incentive plans

Sales incentive plans

Sales incentive plans Most organisations link some portion of salespeople’s salary to sales incentive plans. For example, they pay a commission on the revenues or a bonus for achieving a territory sales quota. This proven “pay for performance” approach motivates salespeople to work hard and drive sales results. But today, companies increasingly expect salespeople to …

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Sales Efficiency

Sales efficiency

Sales efficiency All businesses face opportunity costs. In the case of a sales organization, money, time, and effort allocated to accounts A and B are resources not available for accounts C, D, and so on. That reality drives the distinction between effectiveness (optimization by doing the right things) and efficiency (doing things right) that Peter …

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The no decision outcome

The No Decision Outcome

The No Decision Outcome In 20-plus years of B2B selling, the most common competitor I have encountered in sales, the competitor who is always present and who wins way too much of the time is the “Status Quo”. This is more commonly known as the no decision outcome. To gain better insight into why the …

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The Customer Decision Journey

There has been seismic shift in the customer decision journey over the past 10 years. In a recent post looked at how inbound marketing has changed the lead generation during this period This post takes a look at the shift in the customer decision journey. The past 10 years has seen traditional selling change substantially. …

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