Sales Funnel

Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline provides a visual overview of where prospects are in the buying journey. However, a pipeline can only be fully effective when properly managed.   Effective sales pipeline management can lead to a 15% increase in revenue. It is critical to get it right. What is a sales pipeline? A sales pipeline is an organized way to visualize …

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The cost of bad data

The Cost of bad data

The cost of bad data What is the true cost of a bad data? Some scenarios impact revenue or savings, while other scenarios impede operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and people’s lives. The real cost of bad data was illustrated in October 2020 with failure by the UK Governments Track and Trace system. Revelations in October …

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What is CRM?

What Is CRM?

What is CRM? When people talk about CRM, they are usually referring to CRM software. CRM software is a tool that is used for contact management. Its key purpose is to allow for the effective management of relationships between prospects, customers, and supplier. CRM also enables sales management, productivity, and much, much more. CRM software …

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Value Creation

Consultative Selling

The World Changed New technologies have enabled – and continue to enable – fundamental changes in the ways we live and work. Most of us are too busy to take time out to think through the implications in detail. What many of us do experience are new sales challenges that seem to come out of …

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Maximizing Sales Payback

Maximizing Sales Payback

For the last 15 years, in fair economic conditions, enterprises have generally been able to move forward, achieving adequate revenues, and using new technologies and processes to cut costs. It could not go on indefinitely, of course. Toning up to get rid of fat is one thing but cutting into muscle is quite another. The …

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Re-Evaluating CRM Technology

Re-evaluating CRM Technology

The foundational understanding of customer needs is changing in favour of a rich multichannel experience. Companies are facing the challenge of determining whether their existing technologies and processes are effective. In doing so they are increasingly Re-evaluating CRM Technology.

Sales Qualification

Sales Qualification

Sales qualification is all about gathering all the necessary insights to make a good judgment. That judgement will determine if, as a business you bid or do not bid. It will also ensure that you have the best possible opportunity at being successful in your bid. In sales, there are no medals for second place. …

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Defining CRM requirements

Defining CRM requirements

Once a business clearly understanding why a CRM is needed, critical to a successful implementation is clearly defining CRM requirements. Outlined below are 6 steps that are important in defining CRM requirements.  Defining CRM Requirements and Integration How far down into your company’s existing systems will your CRM solution integrate? Will it be a departmental …

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