Benefits CRM offers regarding Customer Service

Great Customer ServiceThe right CRM system allows your team to take a pro-active approach to customer service. With
up-to-date and complete customer information at their fingertips, your employees can resolve customer issues more quickly and successfully create cross or up-sell opportunities.

Lowering costs and driving productivity within your customer service operations
CRM solutions, such as Maximizer, enable your company to roll-out Web-based customer self-service capabilities quickly and cost effectively. From here, users can service their own information needs, track data and update the system without the requirement for customer service assistance and at the time and place of their choice. Additionally, you can maximise the synchronisation between your service agents and your customers, ensuring that cases are progressed in a timely manner and in accordance with service level agreements (SLA). Knowledge management capabilities make it easier to capture remedies related to specific issues which may recur over time; making sure that agents are not duplicating effort. Reports and dashboards provide detailed analysis so management can quantify the benefit of the agents to the business and to their customers. Such metrics include:
1. call volume,
2. case resolution times,
3. communications,
4. follow-up statistics and
5. escalation

For your customer service operations, Maximizer CRM Northern Ireland Solutions provider ProAptivity Solutions can deploy customer service solutions that:
• Provide web self service
• Increase productivity of agents
• Ensure issues never “get lost between the cracks”
• Enable agents to capture further sales leads from customer interactions
• Improve response times to customer service requests
• Increase customer retention
• Reduce customer support costs
• Reduce the average time to resolve an issue
• Decrease the number of customer cases that are re-opened
• Decrease the number of customer service escalations

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