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Prospects typically use objections when we (sales people) fail to convey the Value Proposition effectively. That is, that value the customer will receive from buying

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Consultative Sales Process

A sales process is consultative when the stages and actions align with the customer’s buying experience and are defined in terms of the customer relationship.

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Trusted Advisor

Organisations that outperform their competitors are simply better at attracting and retaining “A-Players.” These A-Players have the capability to identify the key business outcomes that the buyer

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Lead Management

CRM lead management applications are used primarily by B2B organizations in industries such as web design, digital media, high technology, business services and manufacturing, and

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Unhappy Customers

Research indicates that it costs 4 times more to find a new customer than to retain an existing customers. How do you really know if

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Achieving Revenue Growth

CEB published research in 2011 indicated that 57% of the buyer’s journey is completed before a sales person is actively involved. Today, the trend has

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Retaining great sales talent

Finding great sales talent isn’t hard. The real challenge is retaining great sales talent. Assuming you have a good company culture, you’re respected in your

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Measuring Sales Performance

It is imperative that we measure all aspects of sales and more importantly, our sales people’s performance so they can truly understand their job, and

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