Miskimmin Taylor Use Maximizer CRM Software

About Miskimmin Taylor

Founded by Mark Miskimmin and
 Colin Taylor, financial advice specialist, Miskimmin Taylor, has been providing independent financial services to individuals and companies for over two decades.
Miskimmin Taylor offer an extensive range of financial and professional support services to a network of
over 5,000 clients from their base in Northern Ireland. Their core business is based on building successful, trusted, long-term relationships with clients in order to make a real financial difference to their lives.

The Challenge

As the business grew, it became clear that Miskimmin Taylor needed a more advanced and intuitive CRM solution, as their existing system simply was not fulfilling the company’s needs. Office Manager, Debbie Reid, is responsible for the efficient running of the office and her duties include all customer communications, marketing, lead generation, follow-up enquiries and event management, as well as procurement and hospitality. She discusses the reasons the company chose Maximizer CRM, the ease of implementation, and improvements since to its core business functions.

A Business Changing Solution

When discussing the overall impact of using Maximizer CRM, Ms Reid says the implementation has improved business processes across the board, which in turn has led to the freeing up of valuable time for activities aimed at extending profits. “Since implementation, our employees have really enjoyed using Maximizer’s powerful CRM solution. Moving forward we are continually reviewing and looking at upgrade options, which I am sure we will do in the not too distant future.”

Particularly beneficial to us is the statistical reporting which meets our specific needs, making Maximizer invaluable for our business.
Debbie Reid, Office Manager Miskimmin Taylor also praises the relationship with Niall McCaffrey, Managing Director of Maximizer Certified Solution Provider, ProAptivity: “Niall has always been the ultimate professional. He is always available, very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. He truly is a fantastic advocate for Maximizer.”

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