Source Business Leads Use Maximizer CRM

An experienced player

Catering to micro and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Source Business Leads has been in the field of outsourced business development services for over 14 years. The team of six is led by company owner Monica McGeary and while small, it delivers a range of powerful services, including Business to Business (B2B) lead generation campaigns, data insight, market research and tele-coaching.

“We proactively engage companies using various selling channels, including phone, SMS, email and face-to-face appointments. This enables our clients to retrieve accurate facts and details behind decisions that drive positive change. The ultimate goal with any campaign is to secure the opportunity for our clients to create a sale and grow their businesses”, explains McGeary.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have always been embedded at the heart of Source
Business Leads’ operations, with the company having one core CRM system in use internally and working with several clients’ CRM remotely; this
 gave McGeary a good insight into the functionality and capabilities of CRM. As a third-party sales and business development support team, Source Business Leads required a solution that catered not only for their own needs as an enterprise, but also for the needs of their clients.

The decision to implement Maximizer CRM was made in late 2011, with the original implementation completed in January 2012 and a subsequent upgrade to Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 Group Edition made the following year.

We definitely achieved our main goal of improving effciency with Maximizer. For example, it now takes half the time to prepare reports, which really boosts productivity.
“Maximizer gives me a lot more, but at the same or better price point.”

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