Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

More and more professionals are taking their work outside of the office and into the field. In a world where both customers and the sales force are highlymobile, Mobile CRM is key in order to enable the salesforce. The mobile application is and will continue to be the future of conducting business forthose on the …

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Cloud based CRM

Cloud based CRM

With cloud-based everything dominating the tech-world landscape these days, it’s reasonable to consider the pros and cons of migrating to a cloud based CRM system. However, before you start exploring the nuances of cloud-based CRM, keep in mind the most important question of all: Will cloud-based CRM systems improve your customer experience? If you’re not …

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Sales Funnel

Three Strategies to Make Your Sales Funnel Flow Faster

When your company is well synchronized with market needs, prospects buy and money flows. Unfortunately, few companies can maintain a constant flow. Salespeople churn out demonstrations, samples and proposals. Marketing departments churn out newsletters, ad copy and brochures. But not enough prospects close. What makes the sales funnel flow faster? The key is coordinating your …

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Common Mistakes in Designing Your Salesforce design

Managing and structuring your salesforce for optimum performance can be challenge. There are many elements that need to be carefully consider in salesforce design. Below are five of the most common mistakes that we see company’s make in designing your salesforce. 1. Salesforce Role pollution. When salespeople are involved in customer service and support work, they’re …

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CRM options

CRM Options

CRM service providers are constantly responding to changing market conditions. There are many more CRM options compared with even five years ago. In every industry sector, be it professional services, charities, social enterprises, education or other, large and small firms alike are finally abandoning spreadsheets in favour of CRM systems. This surge in CRM options …

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Sales and marketing alignment

Historically, the relationship between marketing and sales has been (to put it politely) problematic. Often there is lots of finger-pointing, and lots of valuable sales leads falling through the gaps between the two functions. But in an age of cautious spending, no company can afford to have sales leads disappear because of poor internal processes. …

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