Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management – How CRM Helps This blog is designed to both challenge and educate as well as offer practical advice on Pipeline Management. It also explains how a CRM solution can support Pipeline Management best practice. Previously, I have written a blog on sales qualification. In this article, I examine how to positively influence …

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Successful CRM Implementation

Successful CRM Implementation Requires Software Plus Skills

Running a CRM solutions business, just like running any business, is challenging. This challenge is multiplied by the general perception that CRM is simply ‘software’. In our 30 years of experience, we can say with confidence the successful CRM implementations are not directly correlated to software, but rather to how well the ‘software’ is designed …

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CRM Business Benefits

Measurable CRM Business Benefits

There is a vast array of CRM business benefits that can be realised. Some of these may include increased cross-selling, cost reductions, customer satisfaction scores, or changes in first-call resolution. These are just some of the benefits that could be used in calculating the return-on-investment (ROI) for a project. To determine the impact CRM business …

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CRM technology trends

CRM technology trends

Things change fast in the tech world. With new CRM technology trends constantly emerging, keeping up can become a chore that’s easy to procrastinate. All too often the system gets built and the users get to work. As the business changes and the ways of working change and evolve, who has got time to go …

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On-premise or Cloud CRM

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM.

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM. Discovering your best option for CRM deployment. Selecting the right CRM deployment option for your organisation can be confusing. The decision to go with an On-premise CRM or Cloud may be further complicated by the organisational business requirement. These requirements may take into consideration integration requirements, the organisations existing IT …

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So Many CRM’s

So Many CRM Options With so many CRM’s in the marketplace how do you whittle your important purchase down to make sure you find the right one? You know your company needs one. The whole team would benefit from one. You have convinced the boss. You have found the budget – now what?? It is …

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Benefits of CRM for Small Business

B2B Salesperson

B2B Salesperson “Death of a B2B Salesperson,” A recent report by Forrester Research, found that by a factor of 3 to 1, B2B buyers, like their B2C counterparts, self-educate to learn about offerings prior to making purchasing decisions. Thus, Inbound Marketing has evolved to be a key new business strategy for many organisations. Inbound Marketing …

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