Challenges in implementing CRM

The challenges associated with implementing a CRM platform fall into two basic categories. The first is getting users – especially sales people and other ‘front-line’ employees who routinely interact with customers and prospects to take full advantage of the platform. To them, a new CRM tool may appear to be nothing more than an additional data entry burden and a new source of management scrutiny. The second challenge lies in integrating the platform with the company’s sales process(es).

Listed below are the top challenges in implementing CRM that companies are faced with.

  1. Getting sales people to enter customer information / use the CRM system. (81%)
  2. Customizing CRM to maximize its benefits (72%)
  3. Collecting the right data (61%)
  4. Engaging multiple departments data and participation (52%)
  5. Understanding the Return on Investment of CRM / measuring gains (43%)
  6. Proving the accuracy / quality of data in the system (43%)
  7. Formalizing relationship management practices (40%)
  8. Integrating multiple enterprise systems to optimize the CRM solution (26%)
  9. Ensuring / feeling comfortable with data security (19%

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