The most common competitor in sales

Who is the most common competitor in sales?

In 15-plus years of B2B selling, the most common competitor in sales, the competitor who is always present and who wins way too much of the time is “Status Quo” also known as “No Decision.”

To gain better insight into why “Status Quo” recent research identified that one of the biggest reasons for this is a product-oriented approach when selling.

A product-oriented approach is when the seller is talking incessantly about the features and functions of the product rather than a customer-oriented approach focused on the best outcome for the buyer

When status quo wins, a seller has too often failed to tap into the buyers’ real issues and motivators – what they are seeking to fix, accomplish and avoid. Fundamentally they have failed to demonstrate how their offering can achieve the desired outcome for the customer. As sales professionals, we first need to engage the buyers in the good, bad and ugly of their current daily struggle. From there, we can help the buyers recognize they even have a problem. While all the signs may be pointing to it, unless we enable them to internalize the true pain of their current state, “status quo” will be continue to prevail.

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Source: MHI Global

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