CRM adoption

Whilst CRM offers a great leap forward from content management systems its introduction to the business should be planned very carefully as it should become the underlying basis of your company’s infrastructure.

CRM solutions only work when everybody uses it. There will be only a few occasions where data will uploaded by the CRM administrator, all the rest will be done through the normal day-to-day activities of salespeople, support operators or accounts people.

CRM adoption is a key requirement at the outset – it is always good practice to get a senior management sponsor to drive the implementation and the rest of the users to buy-in to it at the planning stages and not to have them forced into using it later.

Nearly every CRM system that fails is down to poor user adoption. That is, the users simply do not use the system because it does not work the way they want it to work or that it is too cumbersome. Some of these challenges can be easily overcome by having a familiar and intuitive interface and by having a flexible configuration capability to work in harmony with your business.

ProAptivity specialise in the deployment of CRM solutions into small and medium size businesses. They are the Northern Ireland solutions partner for Maximizer CRM which offers both on-premise and on demand solutions with full Mobile CRM capabilities. For more information contact 028 90735630


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