CRM Must Be Mobile

More and more professionals are taking their work outside of the office and into the field. In a world where both customers and the sales force are highly mobile, CRM Must Be Mobile in order to enable the sales force . The mobile application is and will continue to be the future of conducting business for those on the go.

A research analyst at Gartner states, “Buyers of CRM continue to focus on investments that promote customer retention and enhance the customer experience, and they are increasingly interested in technologies that encourage development of customer communities and social networks”. The use of mobile applications accomplishes just that. The ability to access and edit contacts, activities and opportunities on the go is not only an asset to any sales team, but critical in today’s competitive marketplace. These mobile apps allow a company to get even closer to their client by providing on the go service that would otherwise be unavailable if a web platform was the only option.

One of the most important aspects of being sales professionals is mobility. Research from the Sales Executive Council states that about 75% of organizations are already using tablets as sales tools. This number is only going to increase. Due to this trend, Smartphone/Tablet applications allow a company to not only provide better customer service and enhance relationships, but also increase productivity and effectiveness within an organization.

If a sales executive is able to click on a contact, map out where he/she is, email or call the contact, and update activities from his/her smartphone, they are greatly increasing their productivity by saving time and effort. This efficiency decreases the use of email, as well as the ability to update your activities from the app decreases the possibility of forgetting something from the meeting or not producing as accurate of notes. The time saved by being able to work as you go, allows for more meetings, more activities, and, in the end, more deals closed.

If you are a salesperson, then it is time to make that smartphone live up to its name. Make the phone that has become a part of your everyday life work for you. If your company does not already have a CRM platform then there is no better time than now to jump onboard. When searching for a CRM system, make sure that they have a mobile application, as this will be crucial for maximum productivity and efficiency for you and your team.

Remember, when choosing a CRM platform and its mobile application, to make sure that they are automatically synced. No matter where you update the information, whether it is you smartphone, tablet or computer, you should be able to access the most up to date information. Also, having a mobile application that does more than just CRM, for example, edit, manage, events, view email broadcasts, etc, is going to be an asset to not only your sales team, but to other departments in your organization as well. Since integration and data sharing is key to any successful business, an app that does more than just customer relationship encourages all departments to make use of their smartphones/tablets as an all around effective business too.

ProAptivity specialize in the implementation of Maximizer CRM, which offers full mobility. Contact us today on 028 9073 5630 for your free consultation to understand how CRM can benefit your business.


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