CRM Performance Metrics

Measuring the success of a CRM investment typically requires and organisation to establish baseline metrics prior to the implementation. There are two types of CRM Performance Metrics that should be measured in parallel to infer the Return on Investment on a CRM investment. These are,

  • Company performance

Most small businesses are by nature risk averse: investments in back-office infrastructure had better pay for themselves rapidly. CRM will only impact revenue if the tools are fully adopted by sales, and if the data collected within CRM is used to target, segment and personalize communication with prospects and customers.

Research consistently shows relevance drives revenue – as proven by the tactics and resulting performance gains top performing companies realise.

  • System usage.

The second matric have to do with system adoption and usage. Companies should measure record completeness, frequency of use, and the volume of active users in CRM to ensure disciplined use.

The top CRM Performance Metrics are listed below:

  1. Revenue Growth (58%)
  2. Customer base growth (47%)
  3. File completeness and accuracy across the database (41%)
  4. Customer purchase frequency (38%)
  5. Employee performance / productivity (36%)
  6. New business partnerships (34%)
  7. System usage (33%)
  8. Marketing spend (26%)
  9. Number of active users (23%)

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