CRM technology trends

CRM technology trends

Things change fast in the tech world. With new CRM technology trends constantly emerging, keeping up can become a chore that’s easy to procrastinate. All too often the system gets built and the users get to work. As the business changes and the ways of working change and evolve, who has got time to go back and ensure that your CRM is fully optimised for your business. J I Software, you CRM solutions partner do.

Below, ProAptivity provide their six CRM technology trends that are impacting on the CRM market. These are:

  1. AI-Powered Automated Workflows

The increasingly automated future includes a bigger role for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the CRM space. Inefficient processes that formerly hinder CRM will no longer be acceptable, and AI-powered automation will play a much bigger role in streamlining workflows.

  • IoT Integration

With the Internet of Things (IoT) making major strides across a spectrum of applications and use cases, market-savvy CRM creators need to take steps toward integrating input processing from wearables, home devices, phones, and even cars.

This will better tailor customer experiences with contextually integrated and relevant data.

  • CRM at the Centre of an Omnichannel Approach

Today, more than six touch points are needed before the typical sale, usually across several channels. As consultants at McKinsey have noted, simply initiating touch points across multiple channels is not enough—the consistency of customer experience matters as much as the breadth of engagement.  The less touch points you use, the better the sales process. CRMs need to look toward ramping up API and integration algorithms with the objective of achieving tighter and leaner integrations with external services and tools.

4.      Self-Service via CRM

One channel witnessing deeper integration with CRM is self-service.

More than half of consumers are likely to abandon an online purchase if they can’t get answers to their questions quickly.

The link between self-service and CRM is a natural one. Through automation—including chatbots— CRM can both customize self-service interactions and provide a customer care feedback loop that marketing, and sales also can tap into as needed.

5.      From CRM to Social CRM

Creating virtual communities to engage customers in a more meaningful way, will be the new trend for social media marketing. Leveraging the shared efforts, social media will take greater shape as an element within CRM.

Social CRM will not only help businesses interact more closely with their customers, but it will also go a long way toward providing hitherto ignored insights into customer behaviour and buying patterns. These insights will in turn add to lead nurturing capabilities.

6.      Enhanced Mobility

CRM solutions will continue to improve creating a seamless, cohesive customer experience across multiple screens and devices. This includes better implementations of voice and chat-driven interactions on the go.

How ProAptivity can help you with CRM technology trends

You are busy doing your day job! How do you keep on top of that and ensure you are up to date with the latest technology changes, policies, practises, and procedures? Not forgetting also being able to meet the all-important management reporting requirements. So, talk with someone that can help.

ProAptivity are an independent CRM solutions provider with over 30 years’ experience in helping helping clients keep up to date with CRM technology trends . We focus on the implementation, training, and support of highly customised CRM software solutions. Our CRM software supported by our training provide customers with the tools needed to deliver successful business process management.

Fundamentally, we help organisations embed CRM best practice throughout their organisation. This helps organisations become more competitive, customer focused and ultimately more profitable. While also keeping them abreast of the latest CRM technology trends.

If you need help in understanding why my business needs CRM, maybe some of our video’s or  eBooks could help! Alternatively visit Maximizer CRM for more information. You can contact us today on 0330 223 6362 or via email at Contact us today for a free CRM consultation that will assess if your business is CRM ready.

Source: Destination CRM

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