With poor Data marketing and sales efforts are often wasted with direct mails and eshot campaigns never reaching  the target company or in the off chance they do the materials find themselves it in front of wrong person.

But why do businesses suffer from unclean data?

  • They didn’t collect data themselves
  • It was created for some other use
  • Not the right contact for the campaign.
  • People make mistakes (typos)
  • People are busy (“this is good enough”)
  • It becomes out dated and contacts change.
  • There is no consistency in recording or storing databases.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain a clean contact database:

  1. Only enter the data you need into CRM and filter out the junk. Only add contacts you have full details for and who fit your target market. If not, get rid of them.
  2. Ensure it is standard across your organisation. Define what a prospect is versus a lead versus an opportunity. What information is required of all new entrants? Who is responsible for updating CRM?
  3. If there are contacts there unassigned to a company, export them and sort by project or account manager. If they don’t know who the person is, chuck it.
  4. At least once a quarter, run regular audits of the database. And once a week, hold sales and lead tracking meeting to discuss new leads, follow up and next step

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