The Decision Making Process

The thing about information is that information is more valuable when people know it. Have you ever found yourself within the final stage of with a buyer trying to influence the decision making process, wishing you knew the exact decision criteria, the ranking of the criteria, what your stakeholders were thinking and what else you could do to influence the decision making process? In a recent study, 63% of buyers shared that they would, in fact, be willing to answer key questions related to their decision processes even before the deal is finalised. Finding out about the Decision Making Process Here are the top ranking areas of providing feedback that can assist an organisation to improve and refine their sales processes:

  1. Sales person 88%
  2. Sales experience: 100%
  3. Product features 94%
  4. Product alignment: 88%
  5. Price: 75%
  6. Demonstration: 94%
  7. Customer reference 94%
  8. Reputation: 88%
  9. Competition: 75%
  10. Objections: 82%

This feedback needs to be taken as constructive and acted upon in order that previous mistakes are not repeated. If we consider the cost of lead generation and lost business, buy improving our performance again the buyers Decision Making Criteria an organisation can greatly improve conversion ratios. In addition, the importance of tracking and monitoring those lost pieces of business against feedback helps guide business to a more effective pre-sale process. Maximizer CRM can ensure that all lost abandoned and suspended opportunities are recorded. This will enable effective evidence based business decision to be made.

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