Design your sales force for growth

Sales are a complex function, and many factors can contribute to subpar performance, including sales strategy, sales coverage, sales process execution and salesperson competency and motivation. Rather than trying to address all drivers of sales force effectiveness, my blog focuses on five common and avoidable mistakes and how a CRM system can eliminate these.

Research indicated that the five most common mistakes company’s encountered with regard to sales performance were:

1. Role pollution.

When salespeople are involved in customer service and support work, they’re not selling. Too often, salespeople spend too much time on activities that are not core to selling, such as chasing down information for customers, implementing installations or addressing technical issues.

2. Chasing limited opportunities.

Many field salespeople spend too much time on customers that have limited sales potential. Often salespeople lack insight into the addressable opportunity at the customer level, but even with good information, they may gravitate toward smaller customers for a variety of reasons.

3. Fragmented key account management.

When a company is undisciplined in its key account management approach, it is essentially walking away from growth opportunities with its most valuable customers. One issue might be trying to treat too many customers as key or strategic. This results in inflated cost of sales. Another issue could be poorly coordinated sales and support efforts across lines of business, resulting in missed chances to cross sell.

4. Flawed sales resource decisions.

Companies that fail to use sound analytical approaches will often under- or overinvest in their sales forces and focus selling efforts on the wrong customers or lines of business.

5. Poorly designed sales territories.

The amount of work needed to cover target customers and prospects in a territory is often far more than one salesperson can accomplish. While it may look like these customers are covered on paper, they are not really covered appropriately, resulting in poor penetration, untapped customer opportunities and lost growth. This mistake is exacerbated when other territories do not have enough good customers and prospects to call on.

A CRM System, like Maximizer CRM, can assist businesses to manage and eliminate all the above sales performances issues, helping you design your sales force for growth. By working smarter rather than working harder companies can increase sales and profitability.

ProAptivity specialise in the deployment of Maximizer CRM to assist business to become more efficient.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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