Do I Need a CRM?

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ProAptivity can assist you to ensure that the CRM you choose is the best solution for your business.

Many organisations make the fundamental mistake of trying to adjust their business needs to the CRM solutions available. This is wrong. You must find a CRM solution that caters to your business needs not the other way around.

At ProAptivity our team of accredited solutions providers have been trained to help customers specify, select, install, and configure CRM solutions to meet their business needs and objectives.  We also provide training and after sales support to ensure your business is getting the most from its investment.

To implement CRM systems effectively, a business partner will need a good mix of project management, knowledge of business processes and workflow analysis skills. They will also have experience of sales and marketing system design, customer service system development and managing the changes CRM projects bring about.

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Your answer may be No… but have you considered the following?

  • Do you or your staff spend too much time on administration?
  • Do you have critical customer data on PC’s that could be lost or taken?
  • Does everyone who communicates with a customer know what their co-workers have said to or done for that customer?
  • Can you access key customer information anywhere at anytime?
  • Do you have a central point of reference for all key company information?
  • What percentage of sales opportunities are successfully converted into won business?
  • Do you have enough sales opportunities in the pipeline?
  • Do you know how many customer service issues each customer has had and why?
  • Do you know which customers consume most of your customer service time?
  • What are your win, loss and no-decision ratios?
  • What are your number of existing customer contacts and repeat business orders?

If you don’t know the answers to the above questions  (or you have no idea where to get them), a CRM system could be of value to your business.

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