Duplicate Leads: Unrealized Value or waste of time

For a sales team, receiving the same lead multiple times is inevitable; however, many organisations aren’t aware when this happens. This can lead to obvious problems, including different reps working the same lead unknowingly, or organisations ignoring leads that they believe to be dupes.

The first step towards effectively managing duplicate leads is obviously identifying incoming leads as potential duplicates.

Here are some interesting findings from recent research.

  1. In the process of identifying possible duplicate leads, select and adjust duplicate flagging criteria to maximize the number of duplicate leads that are caught as soon as they enter the system while minimizing false matches as much as possible.
  2. Leads that are flagged as duplicates convert at a 167% higher than average rate.
  3. In addition to identifying possible duplicate leads, acknowledging and taking some sort of action on them also triples their likelihood of conversion.
  4. The more times a lead is flagged as a duplicate, the more likely it is to convert.
  5. Duplicates are most likely to convert when they are flagged 6 or more months after the original was greeted
  6. Whenever possible, the number of times a lead is flagged as a duplicated and the time interval between duplicate creations should be traced so that higher priorities and the most appropriate distribution options are given to leads with more favourable duplicate characteristics.

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Source: Leads360.

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