Equip Your Sales Force with Mobile CRM

Below is a brief look at the key benefits and business drivers to equip your sales force with Mobile CRM

Improve communication with client: Mobile CRM systems deployed on smartphone devices can improve communication between sales reps and customers by allowing sales reps to contact clients or prospects via e-mail, text message, or even fax, depending on the information being relayed and the customer’s preferences. But primarily, it’s the 24/7 availability and accessibility of mobile CRM that allows sales reps to stay in touch with and respond to clients.
Better resolution of issues: Access to up-to-date CRM info on a smartphone allows sales reps to get what they need to deal with customer complaints. From asking managers for permission to give discounts, to accessing information about policies for returning goods or providing reasons that field service wasn’t done as promised, mobile CRM applications help sales reps soothe frustrated customers. Consequently, customers won’t be lost due to bad service but will stay loyal — and happy.
Better access to accurate client info: With a mobile device, sales reps can show up to meetings with clients, with all client data one click away — helping the meeting to go smoothly from the salesperson’s perspective. But that’s only half of the situation — a salesperson’s ability to access client data also helps create trusting relationships with customers, leading to more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Moving Forward with Mobile CRM

By using traditional CRM solutions alone, your bottom line can be compromised not only by the downtime of field sales reps, but also by these systems’ inherent lack of flexibility and accessibility.

If you ramp up your CRM system with mobile functionality, you can stop wondering about how productive
your field sales reps are, because you’ll know. With mobile CRM, you’ll know that your reps are more productive, and doing what they do best — making sales — in order to help your company stay on top.

Your business need to adopt strategies now that will help your company maintain current profits, and even grow. With a mobile CRM application, you increase your chances of surviving and thriving — no matter how tough the market conditions.

ProAptivity specialise in the deployment of CRM solutions into small and medium size businesses. They are the Northern Ireland solutions partner for Maximizer CRM which offers both on-premise and on demand solutions with full Mobile CRM capabilities. For more information contact 028 90735630

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