Gain a Competitive Edge by Mobilizing Your CRM

Competition is greater than ever to acquire and retain customers. Often the customer experience becomes the battleground for competitive advantage.

Customers are the most valuable asset to a company and it is imperative that customer relationships are managed and nurtured effectively.

Many businesses are realizing the need for more efficient to do this, and are taking CRM to the next level by mobilizing their frontline teams and arming them with CRM enabled mobile devices.

With CRM on your smartphones you are able to more effectively monitor and resolve service issues as well as manage sales opportunities when on the move. You can create customer service cases, enter notes from client meetings, and access files in real-time from the client site eliminating the time consuming, slow and unreliable manual processes that were previously in place.

Advantages of mobilizing staff with CRM include:

  • More efficient and effective collaboration and communication across your organization with departments working together on closing sales or resolving customer issues anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduced reliance on staff being in the office, providing flexibility to spend more time in the field in front of customers.
  • Ability to manage and update customer information on the road so opportunities aren’t missed and colleagues can act on the latest information.
  • Helps maintain momentum with your teams to achieve higher levels of performance.
  • Streamlined sales and services processes resulting in improved response time to customer inquiries.
  • Visibility into up-to-date customer profiles and history moments before a meeting so sales and service reps can walk in prepared and with confidence they have all the information they need to succeed.
  • Providing a consistent experience for the customer whether they are interacting with staff in the field or in the office.

If positive customer experiences and long-term loyalty is what you are looking for, mobilize your sales and service teams with CRM!

Like to find out more about CRM on the go? Get in touch. Email or call 028 9073 5630 today.

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