Get CRM adoption within the sales department in record time

“Adoption” is almost a dirty word in the CRM world. While CRM systems provide visibility into deals and the customer lifecycle, sales reps often regard them as hurdles to active selling time. This makes CRM adoption on par with pulling teeth.

With the right strategies, sales leaders can motivate their reps to embrace the technology quickly and fully.

Here are 8 Key strategies to help CRM adoption.

1) Make CRM useful to reps.

Before rolling out the technology, think: what will sales reps get out of this? Hammer down benefits specific to reps such as better visibility of accounts, activity management and time savings.

2) Set up the system to align with the sales process.

Ensure that the CRM system is set up in a way that reflects the sales process. Fundamentally, ensure that the initial design of the CRM system lines up with the sales team’s established process, or risk them bypassing it entirely.

3) Allow mobile access.

Salespeople live and die by using their phones — either sending emails out or doing phone calls. So a mobile app makes it easy for them to log phone calls or emails. It is an extremely effective driver of adoption.

4) Get Sales involved early on.

Often times, companies roll out new systems with only minimal end user training and virtually no internal marketing.

Get the sales team involved from the beginning of the CRM journey.

Bringing in users early and allowing them to provide feedback, boosts the potential that they will use the system to its full potential.

5) Use data to build the case.

Find a handful of statistics that show the advantages of implementing and using CRM systems regarding metrics that will resonate with reps. Here are two to get you started:

A study by Nucleus Research found that salespeople experienced a 15% increase in productivity when using mobile CRM applications.

According to Cloudswave, when a company engages a customer through a CRM, that customer will spend 20-40% more in their next interaction.

So using CRM means more productivity and sales? I think salespeople can get on board with that.

6) Don’t overwhelm reps.

Pick a handful of features that are absolutely critical for salespeople, and roll those out first. As reps get more comfortable with the system, you can release new features incrementally and deepen their adoption.

7) Issue an incentive.

Much of sales motivation revolves around contests and incentives. So why not use these tactics to encourage CRM adoption?

The most difficult part of any new technology implementation is the first few months. Once users get used to the system, it becomes embedded into their day-to-day routine. With that in mind, sales leaders won’t have to incentivize use of the CRM system forever — just for the initial roll-out.

8) Integrate the CRM system with other sales tools.

Sales leaders can encourage CRM adoption by seeking ways to link all these tools together, thus minimizing dual data entry or the potential for outdated or inaccurate data between systems. Simpler is better in most things, but especially in regard to technology.

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