How GDPR will benefit sales

How GDPR will benefit sales

How GDPR will benefit sales

The core principles of GDPR need to be embedded into your company’s processes, technology and attitudes. Beyond regulatory requirements, GDPR offers many commercial opportunities and benefits to an organisation. In merely complying with GDPR organisations are missing a trick because this is about restoring trust and confidence between you and your clients

So in the context of sales, how can compliance with GDPR be embraced as a springboard to growth?

Take control of your data

Databases built up over decades are often a source of frustration or sales and marketing. Historically ‘implied consent’ was the defacto answer. Dirty data has always been a hindrance to sales, with a focus on quantity rather than quality. This lead to poor segmentation, wasted resources and suppressed returns.

GDPR requires organisations to have methodical, structured and documented process to access what data is “necessary” from a sales perspective. This data should ensure it can be held under one of six lawful bases.

Your database needs to be transformed into a concise, organised, opted-in GDPR-compliant pool of contacts. This database should reflect business that want to do business with you. This is the foundation of more efficient, targeted and productive sales processes.

Improve profiling and targeting

Clean, accurate data centralised and indexed within a well-implemented CRM solution – is the ideal platform for customer profiling. Analysing your newly cleansed database against an Ideal Customer Profile  will greatly improve prospecting activity. This in turn will help sales take a more proactive targeted role in lead generation.

Improved targeting and reduced campaign wastage through “clear, affirmative” opt-ins will help your sales activity to be more focused, generate better leads and improve conversion rates.

Engage to succeed

There is much discussion about the changing ‘customer journey’. It is clear that prospects who refresh their opt-ins or download content, are giving a signal that they are receptive to further engagement. This helps sales to pinpoint where they are on their ‘journey’ to purchase. This is good news as it improves an organisations ability to offer a better engagements to prospects resulting in smoother lead conversion.

New customer acquisition will prove more challenging in the GDPR era sharpening focus on retention. Refined customer databases will be crucial in providing a more accurate, distilled view of existing customer interactions and help identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Instil trust

Without doubt, sales has a key role in implementing and demonstrating the required controls around data. This will prove impossible to manage without an appropriate technology solution, like a CRM application, that can automate the data processing rules.

Work together

Highly driven, target-orientated sales environments are known for fostering a rather maverick approach to leads generation. Under GDPR this could prove risky if it means that procedures aren’t followed and data isn’t shared or stored properly. The new rules will require a shift in mindset and each company must ensure that sales people are given proper training to understand the rationale behind the new rules and the process implications.

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