How to avoid CRM backlash

There’s been a backlash against CRM in recent years and 25-30% of companies that implement CRM solutions don’t feel they are getting the return they expected.

The findings of a poll of 100 SME organisations with CRM implementations revealed that even though 60% of sales directors said that CRM is fundamental to their sales processes a quarter of them have lost customers directly through ineffective use of the technology.

Which is why they’re not getting the returns they expected.

Why your CRM is not delivering what it should

Other possible reasons might be nothing to do with the technology itself, such as:

1.      Failure to put the user first

Low adoption rates have plagued the CRM sector (with on average 42% of licences unused) but they can be improved with proper planning of processes, protocols, training and change communications to ensure staff understand the value properly.

2.      Failure to follow up

Research by Sirius Decisions showed that only 20% of leads are followed up by sales teams, and that 70% of them are dumped at a later stage. This is often down to the leads being poorly qualified, with the contact lacking proper timescale or budget. It has been shown that in organisations where sales and marketing are more closely aligned — and leads are managed using a CRM system — up to 40% of the qualified sales pipeline has been generated through marketing activities.

3.      Failure to retain customers

If you’re not exploiting the benefits of CRM then you are failing to increase customer retention. Research has shown that many B2B organisations see their CRM data management as an onerous chore. But in the best-performing ones, they make customer data quality a priority, and consequently out-perform other companies in customer retention, sales quota attainment and reducing the length of sales cycles.

If your CRM system hasn’t been aligned with your business objectives and users are not engaged with it, you won’t be delivering the best service. This means you may only be achieving a paltry 10% customer retention rate, compared to 91%, which the best-performing companies enjoy.

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