How to Get Sales Leads to Increase Your Business

Sales leads are the vital component to growing your business, but how do you get new leads?

  • Travel In the Right Circles

Know your target audience before you set out to hook them. If you travel in the right circles and communicate with the people that are related to your business, you have a better chance of picking up some quality tips that can prove to be useful in generating leads.

Ask the right questions and note the answers in order to put them to use at the right time. With a CRM system you can accurately record information on prospects which in turn will help you quantify sales leads.

  • Turn the Spotlight Towards You

Keep your business in the spotlight. On average a potential customer will have to see your business 7 times before they remember your business name. By keeping a regular presence in the marketplace you will be subtly reminding your potential prospects of who you are and what you do. This helps to position you as a trusted expert in your field.

  • Get Referrals

This is arguably the best method to get high quality leads. Encourage customers to refer business to you by offering them incentives. Your existing customers will have done most of the hard sell on your behalf by the time you are passed on the lead. People are more likely to go with a friend’s recommendation than any other form of advertising.

  • Communicate

Keep communicating with customers, prospects and lost leads on a regular basis. Provide them with information of value, advice, tips and offers. By keeping regular contact with these businesses you will keep yourself in the forefront of their thoughts and when the need for your services arises they will automatically think of you! Regular communication helps develop your relationship with the client and helps form a level of trust. Try to tailor your messages to the specific business needs; this can easily be done using a CRM system.

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