How to write effective sales materials

How can you be positive that the sales literature you have written is effective? Below are six tips that will help you determine whether or not your copy is as effective as it can be.

1. Clarify your USP

When composing your copy, make sure that it clearly outlines ways in which the customer will benefit by choosing your company over others. Never exaggerate or try to mislead people in any way, but make it clear that your offering is unique and necessary.

2. Start Strong

Begin by explaining your company’s strongest selling points within the first couple of paragraphs. The key is to grab their attention. You can do this by making your literature eye catching, use strong points, and explain the benefits of your company not features!

3. Let Others Sing Your Praises for You

Word of Mouth, Referrals and Testimonials have been proven to be a very effective sales tool. By offering positive testimonials from past and current customers, you’ll be able to establish your credibility more effectively.

4. Keep it simple

Let your words flow naturally. Never try to be overly friendly or sound more knowledgeable than you really are. Try not to use a million words when you can clearly and simply explain your product or service in less.

5. Keep it consistent

Keep your marketing messages consistent across all mediums and all literature. This will help reinforce your marketing messaging and help build brand recognition amongst your target audience. Think of Coca Cola or McDonalds no matter where you go the logo, wording, colours and imagery is all consistent helping user to trust the brand.

6. Remember the Call-to-Action

Though it may seem fairly obvious, wrap up by informing your readers exactly what it is that they need to do next. Examples of this would be phrases like “Click here to place your order now” or “Call now for pricing.” All of your call-to-action details also need to be very visible and easy to follow.

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