I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not sure…

Once you’ve defined the requirements for your CRM system then comes the task of choosing which system to implement. This doesn’t need to be as arduous a task as some might believe. To help you along with this process, we’ve put together our top four tips for choosing a CRM system.

1) On-Premise or Hosted/SaaS (Software as a Service)
Decide if you want your CRM solution installed on your own servers or hosted on-line or in the cloud.

2) Define the main requirements from your new CRM system.
Do you need access online or from a mobile device? Do you need dashboards, built-in marketing functionality or web-portal access?

3) Can the CRM system grow and evolve with your needs?
Will it scale well if you need to add more users? Can it be customised to meet your specific needs if required?

4) Will it integrate?
Do you need your CRM system to integrate with existing systems or 3rd party products or services – Email marketing platforms, Microsoft Outlook etc.

For more information on choosing a CRM system contact ProAptivity today. Call 028 9073 5630 or email info@proaptivity.websitebuild.xyz

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