Ideal Customer Profile

An Ideal Customer Profile should represent your sales ‘Sweet Spot’. Alternatively it should identify customers that have the best fit for your product or service. These typically are the segments of the market that benefit from adopting your solution. The aim, to target the type of customer where you win the most.

Sounds so simple, but so many organizations struggle to clearly articulate and document what their Ideal Customer Profile is.

It is important to know:

  1. Where your sales “sweet-spot” is?
  2. Where to “point” the marketing expenditure at?
  3. The Ideal Customer Profile in order to create a Demand Generation strategy?
  4. The relevant content to provide to the appropriate person at the right point in time?

The Ideal Customer Profile includes a cross-section of criteria that identifies your ideal target. Firmographic data is the foundation on which the Ideal Customer Profile is built.  Some of the most commonly used criteria in defining the Ideal Customer Profile are:

  1. Annual Revenue
  2. Total Number of Employees
  3. Industry Vertical
  4. Sales footprint (Eg.Territory)
  5. Buyer Role

How do you build an Ideal Customer Profile?  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Pull reports or review past 18-24 months of sales data, by industry grouping and size of customer organization.
  2. Determine the top 3 industries represented in your customer base.
  3. Identify customer size that best represents your current install base (annual revenue, total number of employee’s)
  4. Confirm that the customer size has at least the same statistical relevance to your top 3 industries segments.
  5. Confirm the sales footprint for your current customer base.
  6. Confirm the buyer of your product or service (this is the Economic Buyer who has the authority to sign a contract)

You’ve now developed the initial framework for your Ideal Customer Profile. The next step is to align your messaging (Buyer Persona) to your Ideal Customer Profile.

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