Introducing Maximizer Version 12

With version 12 of Maximizer being released this month, Maximizer is setting trends by including integration to Social Media (LinkedIn) within their award winning CRM system. Further integration with SharePoint is also available making Maximizer a great choice for businesses wanting to integrate with other existing systems.

Let’s have a look at 12 of the key changes in Maximizer CRM 12:

  1. New Mobile Access User Interface: enhancements have been made to the user interface to increase user adoption. There is also only one version of Mobile Access than the previous different versions that were dependent on the mobile device.
  2. Enhanced Mobile Access Appointment Management: View available time and schedule appointments with multiple contacts and colleagues with just a few clicks, anywhere, anytime
  3. Enhanced Web Access User Interface: New and improved view with tabbed windows (to mirror the Windows client more closely) so you can access the information you need quicker.
  4. Improved Web Access Speed & Navigation Tools: Both navigation and response times have been vastly improved to make you more effective and efficient.
  5. LinkedIn Integration: Engage with your customers and improve lead generation via LinkedIn’s professional networking tool and ensure that you have accurate data.
  6. SharePoint® Integration: A new document type allows you to store hyperlinks to external sources e.g. SharePoint to ensure all documents are the most up-to-date.
  7. iCalendar Integration: The addition of iCalendar integration enables you to send and manage Outlook (or other) invitations to internal and external recipients.
  8. Marketing Campaign Management: Improved Return on Investment (ROI) calculations ensure that your organisation can make informed decisions on where to make investments in your marketing resources/activities.
  9. Expanded Key Field Customization & Display Options: You can now customise even more aspects of Maximizer CRM. Hide fields you don’t use to make data entry/viewing more streamlined based on your role (or the hat you are currently wearing).
  10. Enhanced Search & View Filter Options: Increase productivity by quickly accessing and categorising information filtered to your needs.
  11. Dependent Tasks: Set up processes that help you to approach your customers consistently.
  12. SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS): In-built SQL Server Reporting Services enable you to report on your Maximizer data without having to purchase a separate reporting tool.

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