Is my business too small for CRM?

Often when speaking with client, business owners and managers ask, Is my business too small for CRM? New research reveals that CRM is not optional for small businesses of any size, but fundamental if the wish to compete and grow in today’s marketplace.

In all businesses, regardless of their nature, key business decisions need to be based on data, not opinion. CRM provides all statistical data necessary to enable educated business decision to be taken. Although business smart and intuition are still essential traits for decision makers, their value is “enhanced” by data analyses.

Having the ability to undertake data analysis at the touch of a button is one of the fundamental benefits CRM brings to an organisation. Examples of data companies analyse include customer demographic information, purchase history, lead generation source, opportunity qualification information and communication history.

Benefits of CRM

There are two main benefits companies gain from using customer data and trends. These are

  1. By capturing the data and identifying trends companies can provide customised offerings to different customers / prospects.
  2. By tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns companies can deliver highly-targeted campaigns based on proven strategies.

For instance, by analysing data, such as customers’ shopping habits, CRM can help determine when and which customers will receive promotional materials and whether those materials should be sent by mail or email marketing.

In this way, firms can increase return on investment ROI from both their marketing and sales team.  For the same amount of investment, profits or revenues become higher when they use customer relationship management techniques. This is because more people will respond to promotions as firms target the right customers at the right time who have higher probability to purchase.

CRM data sources

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