This blog looks at Consultative Selling, how it is all about Value Creation, rather than value communication, which actually translates into big differences in the way that successful sales are conducted.

Here is a brief glimpse at these differences …


Successful organizations know what they are selling. That may sound blindingly obvious, but it’s surprising how many times organizations are unaware – or, at best, confused – about themselves and their offers.

Because the world has changed around them, many organizations find themselves clinging to ideas and propositions that are fuzzy and / or past their sell-by date:

  • Take, for example, a building society, that has, for maybe 100 years, sold mortgages. Recently, in response to increased competition, it rationally broke with tradition and used securitization as the basis of raising finance … only to find that has gone sour. Now the building society finds itself struggling to counter threats from big banks that have the savings and deposits resources to ride out the storm. What is it to do?
  • What about the telecommunications company that is no longer sure where its best value lies, or how best to deal with up-coming developments like WiMax or general convergence? Should it be a distributor, or a content provider, a hybrid, or some other kind of sector player?
  • Then there’s the accountancy practice that finds itself forced to be a jobbing contractor providing commoditized services while some of its competitors are successfully positioning themselves as high value consultancies. How can it fight back?
  • Or the direct marketing agency that was so highly regarded in the 1980s and 1990s, but that now finds itself isolated and dwindling in the age of integrated marketing and broad spectrum agencies. Where is the value it offers?

So, first, services and solutions providers of all kinds need to get clarity around their Value


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