Key components in having an effective CRM system.

To be fully effective sales teams and customer support engineers need access to their data on a CRM solution 24x7x365

Increasingly sales teams are on the road, dispersed across the country or working from home. This geographic freedom delivers significant benefits to the business but is a concern when sharing information using some traditional server-based CRM solution. If mobile or home-based workers need to wait until they were either connected via a VPN or are back in the office to update the database, it means that the database is rarely be up to date.

Choosing an on-line CRM system means that wherever there is an Internet connection you have access to all of your data whatever time of the day and wherever you are in the world. This means that information can be updated after each sales call and accurate up-to-date information is always in your database.

CRM soon becomes a critical business solution and therefore keeping the system available at all times is imperative. Under some traditional server-based solutions this may require duplicating the hardware (and often software) in case the primary server fails and having on-site technical support to maintain them. With Maximizer on-line CRM there is no hardware to purchase and the solution is fully fault tolerant with 99.5% availability even during system backups, ensuring that you can rely on your CRM solution being there whenever you need it.

Garbage in – Garbage out

With any computerised system it is important to ensure that the information contained in it is as accurate as possible. With CRM systems it is even more important as the information contained within it soon becomes out of date. It is good business practice to manage mass data input through a trained administrator but for day-to-day input of new opportunities or adding new contacts make the person who is responsible for the account (usually the salesperson) responsible for the accuracy of the data for his or her accounts.


An effective CRM solution is the “Holy Grail” of many organisations. Having an effective CRM is not a goal but an on-going journey as the adoption and utilisation of the CRM system is the key to making it effective.

Make sure that you know what you want your CRM system to do – how will it help your business to be more efficient, drive more revenue or increase market penetration? Without clear goals, any CRM system will be only a partial success.

If you are thinking of moving from a contact management system to CRM then we would be happy to talk to you. We have the ability to export and re-import into our CRM solution from most of the well-known content management systems.

Implementing a CRM solution has much more impact on your business than you may think;it is miles away from just downloading an application. To get help on how to design and implement a CRM system, contact ProAptivity on 028 9073 5630.


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