Key qualification questions

Qualifying a prospect to determine how likely they are to buy your product or service is one of the most important skills in a salesman’s toolkit.

Below are 5 Key Qualification Questions that can help determine the deal makers from the time wasters.

1) “How have you attempted to overcome this challenge in the past?”

If you always do what you always have done you will always get what you have always got. (Henry Ford (1863-1947 )

Prospects often exhaust internal or moderate measures before looking externally for help. If the buyer’s problem is relatively serious, they should be able to describe at least one tried strategy.

Follow up this question with, “What were the results?”

The answer will tell you how pressing the issue is.

2) “Why is this a priority right now?”

What timeline is the client working towards and are there any cliff edge movements or events that may influence the decision.

3) “Change isn’t easy. How committed are you to revamping your [business area] strategy?”

Driving change within an organisation requires commitment, time and effort. It will help you differentiate a buyer who’s unsure if she’s ready to take the plunge from a buyer who’s fully bought-in.

4) “Here’s what it takes for a customer to be successful with our product. This usually translates to X hours / week (or some other metric that shows the extent of the commitment). Is this something you’re ready to commit to?”

For many products, the real work doesn’t begin until after the buyer has purchased.

Just as you qualify for BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timescale), you should also qualify for commitment. This question will eliminate buyers who aren’t truly dedicated to solving their business pain.

5) “Who else will be involved in making this decision? Do they know we’re speaking?”

Often the purchasing decision is not determined by the buyer, rather by the person writing the cheque. Determining the decision making process is key to maintaining control of the buying / selling process.

These key qualification questions should be used to focus on deal makers and help eliminate the time wasters.

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