Lead Management

CRM lead management applications are used primarily by B2B organizations in industries such as web design, digital media, high technology, business services and manufacturing, and by companies with B2B2C sales models, such as those in the insurance, wealth management and investment sectors due to the nature of research by the customer or complexity of solution

Recent research by the Sales Institute of Ireland (Oct 2016) found that among its members that 93% stated that a digital strategy is core to future sales success supported by better use of CRM leads to better sales numbers. Supporting this four of the top eight priority focus for the next 12 months were:

  1. Better use of social media
  2. Better use of CRM
  3. Better qualification of opportunities
  4. Improved lead generation effectiveness

CRM lead management is a critical tool in enabling organisations to be more effective with their digital strategy, lead generation, opportunity nurturing and customer relationship management.

ProAptivity work with Digishare360 to deploy an Inbound Marketing platform that fully integrates with a CRM to deliver a full 360 view of the customer buying journey from customer attraction through to customer advocacy.

For more information on CRM Lead Management, Marketing automation and CRM can add value to your business, contact ProAptivity on 028 9099 6388 or via email at info@proaptivity.websitebuild.xyz

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