Making Big Mistakes using Microsoft Excel

Have you ever issued a quotation, cash flow projection, pipeline forecast or financial account produced by Microsoft Excel, only to realise later that due to a calculation error the figures were incorrect. This is embarrassing never mind the impact it can have both our personal and professional credibility.

I read an article recently issued by the BBC about two Harvard economists who have admitted that a faulty spread sheet calculation caused errors in a study used by numerous politicians to support their austerity policies. Simply by releasing his index finger from the left clicky button of his mouse to soon.

I am forever speaking with clients that are looking to migrate away from managing their business from Excel for this and other various reasons. Some of the most common are:

  1. Lack or traceability. The inability to see who was speaking with your client last, about what and what associated follow-up actions exist.
  2. Reducing duplication of information, from one Excel tab to another, to another.
  3. Elimination of manual processes to produce important management in formation.
  4. Saving time, rather than wasting time looking through multiple spread sheets to see if you can find the information you need

The list is as varied as the clients I speak with. Maximizer CRM offers a simple CRM solution that eliminates so many of the ‘Excel’ issues and offers a business a much more effective method of managing critical business information.

ProAptivity specialise in assisting clients to implement CRM systems. The benefit we see our clients experiencing again and again is that they can manage their business in a more efficient manner, and eliminate a lot of human error along the way.

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