Making the Most of Your Marketing Automation Technology

Marketing automation refers to tools used to streamline, automate and measure marketing activities. It provides a much-needed boost in the efficiency of your marketing campaign and the ability to capture accurate Return on Investment. At its heart, marketing automation should enable you to better and more quickly respond to the needs of leads and prospects by triggering the automated delivery of relevant, timely and valuable information when and how it’s needed.

By tapping into a customer relationship management system (CRM), and other platform, you will be provided with the intelligence to tailor your message. After all, if the content is not what the recipient wants or needs, the communication is irrelevant.

Marketing automation remains one of the fastest-growing segments of CRM-related tools. However one of the biggest challenges is understanding the value it can bring to an organisation.

Leverage the Value of Marketing Automation Technology

Listed below are key elements that a marketing automation systems should offer:

  1. The ability to assist smart marketers collect social, website, purchase history and behavioral data on leads and prospects.
  2. Go further than email marketing. When used properly, marketing automation should encompass marketing campaigns across all channels—from direct mail to phone campaigns to online and social initiatives—not just email.
  3. The ability to capture communication based on some sort of form submission: a request for an eBook or whitepaper or a free quote, for example.
  4. Once you’ve converted leads to actual customers, they are often forgotten about by these automated tools, resulting in a missed opportunity to deepen that relationship and drive repeat purchases or possible upgrades.

The successful use of marketing automation depends upon having a well-planned strategy and process in place, strong content and lead flow, and a devoted team of people to put these strategies and processes in place.

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