Maximizer CRM helps service company drive efficencies

Safegas (NI) Ltd has provided plumbing and heating services to commercial and residential properties throughout Northern Ireland since 2000.

As a result of sustained growth SafeGas were outgrowing existing administrative systems and needed to invest in a Service Management System – especially to improve those functions critical to customer service. The firm was simply getting too big to move into its next stage of development without a more sophisticated and integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

The key issue was to improve the efficiency of the business and the effective management of customer records. These were being inefficiently recorded, kept on Excel spread sheets and paper.  By 2012 SafeGas needed a solution that would:

  1. Reduce administration
  2. Eliminate double entry
  3. Allow access to key information easily
  4. Retain all information in one place.
  5. Produce annual service reports
  6. Ensue all work was billed
  7. Offer scalability as the business grew

Safegas considered a number of CRM systems, but did not really find a solution that felt right until they looked at Maximizer. Taking the plunge Maximizer CRM 12 Group Edition met all of the requirements the SafeGas had in mind, working with ProAptivity, Northern Irelands Maximizer delivery partner to implement the solution.

Paul Scott’s (Owner SafeGas) ‘We chose Maximizer because it not only fulfilled our current needs but is scalable, and we can push all Customer Service calls direct to engineers via mobile.’

After using Maximizer CRM for a small number of months, SafeGas started to see real changes to the business. Fundamentally, eliminating double entry has helped to considerably reduce administration. In addition it offers greater visibility on all work carried out and helps us ensure that all work if billed in a timely manner.

Hitting full stride Scott says using Maximizer has now become a habit for the people at SafeGas. ‘We enter new data daily – for every job.’ This means that the customer information they might require is always already on the system and up-to-date when it is actually needed. ‘It’s good for customer service, because if a customer phones up asking questions, we have the information on hand.’ ‘The best feature of Maximizer for us has to be the ability to search job history. So if we go to a property and carry out a job, and then a couple of months later the boiler doesn’t work, we can search the background and all the details are right there.’

Safegas also uses Maximizer for longer-term organisation – to flag up regular boiler services, for instance. Additional revenue has been generated as a result of being able to proactively advise clients on service renewals.

Scott concludes: ‘The software has definitely changed our business. It’s a lot more efficient. We can see the difference. We’ve cut time wastage, by eliminating double entry of data and having ease of access to information. If people are phoning up for a repair, their address is already there. We don’t have to run through it all again. It’s easier for us and better for our customers too.’

As SafeGas continues to build its business, it sees Maximizer as a vital platform for growth. ‘As we become more and more comfortable with the application, we will look to utilise additional functions. We are confident that, as our business continues to grow and change, Maximizer will be capable of meeting new needs.’

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