Maximizer CRM rated as one of the Top 10 CRM Solutions

So what’s in a Number? A 2013 independent review of over 400 CRM providers ranked Maximizer CRM 7th.

These results were presented by Capterra – a group that helps people discover and compare business application software for any type of small business or large enterprise. Capterra identified the ‘Top 20 CRM Software Providers’. and provided an explanation of the process and criteria:

Infographics may not be brand new anymore, but the data we are presenting is new, and, to our knowledge, has not been compiled anywhere else on the web,” said Capterra President and CEO Michael Ortner. “With nearly 400 solutions to choose from, finding the top 20 is no easy task.”

“This year we wanted to be more objective and took voting out of the equation” said Ortner. “The popularity index only takes into account company metrics, so it’s a much more accurate picture of the market.”

Independent reviews can help you quickly decide which products you should research, provide a clear understanding of the key areas for comparison and ensure you reach an informed decision.

At Maximizer, there are other numbers that we are very proud of and define our mission as a trusted advisor for CRM:

  • 1 Million Users
  • 120 Thousand Customers Helped
  • 1 Easy Investment, 1 powerful complete CRM
  • 25+  years of SME CRM Solutions delivery


Speak with ProAptivity, ProAptivity specialize in the implementation of Maximizer CRM. Contact us today on 028 9073 5630 for your free consultation to understand how CRM can benefit your business.

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