Maximizer vs a bespoke application?

Maximizer vs a bespoke application? which is better for my business? This is a question I am faced with on multiple occasions.

An existing Maximizer client contacted me recently looking advice and guidance on possibly migrating away from our platform onto a bespoke solution. At face value the bespoke system looked brilliant, however on further investigation a number of items become apparent.

  1. The ‘bespoke solution’ was only on the market for approx. 2 years. As a result it was immature both in terms of features and functionality
  2. Pricing was ‘very competitive’. However, when the client investigated further, the list price was not a true reflection of the cost. When the client factored in training costs, setup and configuration by a specialist developer the price argument wasn’t so attractive. In addition to this the timescales for core feature enhancements left the ‘bespoke solution’ wanting in terms of adding real value to the customer.
  3. As a micro business, dependant on a key staff member to develop, deliver and support a business critical application, my client considered the ‘bespoke solution’ to high risk.

New entrants are a constant feature on the CRM marketplace.  A 2013 independent survey looked at 400 established CRM solutions, ranking Maximizer at No. 7. This is however only a fraction of what you will find from a google search and does not take into account all the immature ‘new entrants’ that are constantly appearing.

Maximizer CRM was established in 1987, and today boasts over 1 Million users globally. Consider for one moment the time that Maximizer have put into to developing the application on a global basis over the past 27 years. Consider the depth of knowledge that Maximizer have in implementing best practice from the business partners throughout the globe over this time period.

Not dis-similar to Microsoft Word or Excel, every Maximizer client only uses a fraction of the functionality that exists with the application. However, almost every client uses a different percentage of the application.

Following due consideration, the client re-engaged with ProAptivity to look again at how Maximizer could fulfil their changing business requirements. As I expected, Maximizer offered all the key functionality out of the box without any additional development costs.

So what is the lesson my client has learnt. The price of a ‘bespoke Solution’ does not always reflect the actual cost of the solution. Working with an established application like Maximizer that has put the millions of development hours into a product is going to provide a more cost effective solution out of the box than a bespoke solution ever will.

To find out more about how a CRM system can help your organization contact ProAptivity. ProAptivity specialize in the design, implementation, training and support of organisation’s using Maximizer CRM. To find out more information, contact Niall on 028 9073 5630 for your free consultation to understand how CRM can benefit your business.

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