On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM.

On-premise or Cloud CRM

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM. Discovering your best option for CRM deployment.

Selecting the right CRM deployment option for your organisation can be confusing. The decision to go with an On-premise CRM or Cloud may be further complicated by the organisational business requirement. These requirements may take into consideration integration requirements, the organisations existing IT infrastructure and data security and change over time.

Before embarking on your quest, let ProAptivity explain whether on-premise CRM or cloud deployment options offer the best solution for your organisation.

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM. Organisational requirements.

Cloud CRM is great for organisations who want an easy way to setup and access their CRM system with low upfront investment and expenditure.

On-premise CRM allows organisations to acquire a system which can be integrated and customised to uniquely fit their organisation. These are commonly the needs of an organisation that has been in operation for some time, and therefore on-premise CRM is a popular choice.

If you are in the education, medical or any other specialist sector, you may well have software applications which are vital to you and therefore must integrate with your CRM seamlessly. On-premise CRM allows you to customise your system to integrate with other software, empowering you to provide your staff with a CRM system which truly fits their role.

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM. The security of your data.

If you want complete control over your data, you may need an on-premise solution. An on-premise solution is where your data is housed on your own server.  Therefore, you will need the required IT infrastructure and staff resources to manage your data.

Maximizer CRM ensure both their On-premise CRM or Cloud CRM solutions offer full GDPR compliance in line with the ISO 27001 data security standard. This ensures that their cloud-based option is highly secure.

On-Premise CRM or Cloud CRM. IT infrastructure considerations

Whether you want to make the most out of your existing infrastructure in order to maximize return on investment or ensure option from cloud, you have to think carefully about which deployment would suit your existing resources.

There are lots of consideration when determining whether On-premise CRM or Cloud is the best option for your organisation.

On-premise CRM or Cloud CRM. Should I upgrade or migrate?

If you have an on-premise version of Maximizer installed then there is a chance that you are paying every year for something called Software Assurance. This is a contract that entitles you to request the latest version of the Maximizer software when its released. With at least one new version released every year, sometimes two, that’s quite a lot of upgrading and user down time that you need to manage!

Keeping the users happy and the server up to date can be relatively easy. ProAptivity have consultants that can upgrade the software for you and a user telephone support line to take the queries from the user team.

However, there is another option, a move to Maximizer CRM Live can free up your server and the technical reliance will be shifted to a data centre. Annual upgrades are scheduled and managed by the data centre and can happen outside of the usual office hours, with no charge to your business

How ProAptivity can help you decide between On-premise CRM or Cloud CRM

ProAptivity are an independent CRM solutions provider with over 30 years’ experience in helping clients successfully onboard user-customisable CRM solutions. We focus on the implementation, training, and support of highly customised CRM software solutions. Our CRM software supported by our training provide customers with the tools needed to deliver successful business process management.

Fundamentally, we help organisations embed CRM best practice throughout their organisation. This helps organisations become more competitive, customer focused and ultimately more profitable.

If you need help in understanding why my business needs CRM, maybe some of our video’s or  eBooks could help! Alternatively visit Maximizer CRM for more information. You can contact us today on 0330 223 6362 or via email at  info@proaptivity.com. Contact us today for a free CRM consultation that will assess if your business is CRM ready.

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