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OCAT Cloud

Quoting, Order Processing, Inventory and E-commerce Tools

OCAT Cloud is a professional online platform that makes trading with your customers easier. It is the perfect solution for distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers, as it is dedicated to building easy-to-use apps that create unique opportunities for companies that want to do more with their product catalogue.

With OCAT Cloud, you can:

  • Give your customers tools that keep them buying from you
  • Customers place orders easily and accurately
  • Sales and purchase order processing
  • Stock control and inventory management
  • Customer stock management
  • Synchronise your catalogue with online shops and accounts software
  • Download and process orders from multiple online shops
  • Share your product catalogue securely and simply
  • Quoting tools and live quotes that close sales quickly
  • And many more!

New Maximizer CRM Integration

OCAT’s new Maximizer CRM integration makes quotes, orders and product catalogues seamless to manage.

With the Maximizer integration, you can:

  • View customer’s quotes and orders in Maximizer 
  • Create quotes and orders
  • Close sales and get paid quickly
  • Browse your product catalogue
  • View product details and pictures
  • See product price and availability

OCAT Cloud X Maximizer integration enables a sleek, all-in-one interface that also works in the Address Book and Opportunities lists.

Browse your product catalogue in Maximizer
OCAT Imports / synchronises your existing orders

How ProAptivity Can Help

At ProAptivity, we can connect OCAT Cloud to pretty much any system that exports its data or allows us access to its API. We can then automate the import/export of orders from e-commerce and ERP (accounts) platforms like these:

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Quickbooks
  • SAP B1
  • And many more…

OCAT Also supports automatically importing orders in many different formats, such as:

  • APIs
  • EDI and Edifact
  • XML
  • Text files 

For more information on how the OCAT Maximizer integration works, check out the video below: 

Survey Mechanics

Instant Surveys and Automatic Analysis Tools

Survey Mechanics is an innovative, UK-based research company which has developed a unique online survey platform, making it quick and easy not only to deploy surveys, but also to gather large volumes of responses and analyse them in very little time.

Features include: easy, time-based analysis (helpful in tracking sentiment over time), the ability to prepopulate surveys with existing data, sophisticated routing options in questionnaires and its unique Automatic Analysis Engine.

The Automatic Analysis Engine analyses survey data immediately and automatically – identifying correlations and significant differences with no statistical analysis required. This obviously saves a great deal of time, but also ensures that no important relationships between data subsets are missed. 

Survey Mechanics is fully integrated with Maximizer, allowing the automatic deployment of sophisticated surveys direct from your CRM, with the survey results auto-populating User Defined Fields. 

Survey Mechanics is ideal for organisations of many kinds, including charities, councils, the NHS, the Market Research Society, start-up companies, SMEs and blue-chips. 

Codeless Platforms

Automate and Integrate with Drag-and-Drop Business Process Automation Software

Codeless Platforms‘ BPA (Business Process Automation) Platform enables you to automate processes and integrate a wide-range of business applications and systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

BPA Platform can automate business processes unique to your organisation through an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface. You can automate alerts and notifications through definable business rules, generate and dynamically distribute reports and documents, as well as create workflow processes, helping to improve the visibility of information, remove repetitive data entry and significantly reduce costs. 

Click below for more information on Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform:

CRM Integration with BPA Platform

CRM integration using BPA Platform can ensure that all relevant data is automatically pushed into your CRM platform and automating numerous processes to help you manage customer and prospect relationships, interactions and communications, which will improve customer retention and increase sales opportunities.

Common CRM integration scenarios and solutions that BPA Platform have helped businesses with include:

  • Maximizer CRM integration
  • Pushing customer data from other systems into CRM systems
  • Monitoring CRM software for anomalies, duplicate information etc.
  • Email marketing integration with CRM software 
  • Dynamically scheduling follow-up activity, including cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Notifying account managers of changes to customer or partner information
  • Querying CRM systems, retrieving information, formatting and distributing
  • Automating communication with customers, partners and suppliers
  • Responding to customer enquiries and requests for information 

The Benefits of Maximizer CRM Integration

Commercial benefits achieved through integrating Maximizer CRM with your other business systems include:
  • Removal of manual data entry tasks between Maximizer CRM and other business systems
  • Increased visibility into customer data
  • Removal of administration errors
  • Removal of duplicate customer accounts
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased ability to drive company revenue streams
  • Improved sales team performance
  • Protect future upgrade paths
To find out more about our partners, get in touch with the ProAptivity team today and we can help you determine which one will best suit your needs.
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