Prepare for the end of XP

Discontinuation of support for Microsoft Windows XP® Operating System is big news at the moment. Doom-laden reports tell us that a large proportion of the computers in use by businesses will no longer receive security updates and fixes from Microsoft. In turn, this will mean that other software vendors will find themselves in the position of no longer being able to support their applications on this Operating System.

Let us think forwards to 8 April this year: the deadline comes and goes and the world does not stop turning. In all probability, your XP based hardware will be switched on the following day and everything will be fine. The immediate panic is over, so let’s think about how we move forward.

A possible route to moving from XP is to think about moving applications onto the web, as a method of isolating the software and the systems from the hardware and the operating system. Moving to the web means that rather than using a traditional installed application on each workstation, you use the application in a web browser. There are various approaches to deciding where the resulting data is stored: either in-house or on a hosted service of some description (the “cloud”). One benefit that you gain from moving your business applications to your web browser is the ability to access to these tools from any machine connected to the web, including smartphones and tablets. If you replace your hardware tomorrow, all you need to do is start the web browser and get working. Web hosted applications can cover business applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, email and presentations, as well as covering specific business applications like accounting, ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Other legacy items such as shipping systems, banks and payroll systems are moving very quickly towards the fast and effective online alternatives. If you take this approach, it should mean that you are now down to a small selection of specialist or bespoke pieces of software to be managed.

One of the benefits of a hosted or cloud based solution is that there is no installation needed. In addition to this, if you opt for a subscription based model, then the up-front costs can be controlled, the costs of your own infrastructure, such as servers, backups, cooling, floor space, power and employees are eliminated.

Web-based software means that new ways of working start to emerge with simple access for home workers, field based representatives and employees on the move, to company data and systems.

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