Realise your business needs a CRM

Realising your business needs a CRM comes from hard business realities:

1. slipping sales,
2. service problems,
3. marketing woes,
4. or an escalating series of interconnected problems that ripple across departments.

The CRM marketplace is a crowded space — at least 800 companies provide CRM in some form or function. Picking a CRM that’s right for your business means getting it right across an array of criteria specific to your business such as functionality, ability of your user and at a cost that meets your budget.

However picking a CRM system does not have to be difficult. There are a few key areas you should consider:

1. Business Requirements—can it solve the problems I need it to solve? Does it fit your company size and the specialized needs of your sales, marketing and service teams?

2. Technology Requirements—can it integrate with my existing systems? The ease of integration between CRM and other systems? What is the method of delivery? (SaaS vs. On-premise) are there hardware infrastructure concerns?

3. Cost Requirements—does it fit into my budget? Are there up-front costs, maintenance costs and administrative costs? Whats is the total cost of implementation and ownership?

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