Sales Methodologies.

In my last blog I looked at Sales Processes. On reflection I thought that it was important to define how a sales processes is different to Sales Methodologies within the selling process.

Fundamentally a ‘Sales Process’ is the approach to selling and the ‘Sales Methodology’ is the ‘how’ of selling as a skill set.

Methodology adoption leads to improved forecast accuracy and pipeline, and reveals opportunities to coach and advise sales reps on a deal-by-deal basis. It provides a framework for opportunity qualification and strategy sessions so time is spent focusing on how to advance a given opportunity — how to utilize the best strategies, resources, and tactics rather than just inspecting the revenue value of the deal.

Sales Methodologies help the Sales Rep Shift their focus from “how to sell” to understanding “how the customer makes buying and investment decisions” putting the sales rep into a consulting role. It provides insight on how to prioritize and execute the activities to advance and close opportunities. It simplifies the discovery of customer issues, desired solutions and outcomes. The results are stronger customer relationships, shorter sales cycles, and higher margin deals.

Sales methodologies includes frameworks and models, which have “skill steps” and involve the interactions between seller and buyer.

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