Sales Processes

Sales Processes are a key element in the CRM implementations that our team at ProAptivity undertake. The implementation of a CRM system often forces organisation to look at their existing sales processes and redefine these in line with best practice.

In this article I have taken a brief look at what a sales process is.

What is a sales process?

A sales process is a road map to guide the sales professional in facilitating their customers’ buying processes. A sales process focuses only on deals and opportunities

The sales process helps us identify and qualify those opportunities that fit squarely into our sweet spot. Then it guides us through the sets of activities we need to execute to win the business. A sales process should answer these questions: Does it improve my win rate? Does it help me compress the buying/sales cycle? Does it help me maximize the deal value or profitability? If it doesn’t do those things, you’ve got the wrong sales process in place.

Is there an ideal sales process?

Sales processes are unique to the company or organization. The sales process is based on a number of things. It’s based on our own track record as an organization — it should represent the collective best practices we extract from analysing our wins, and also what we’ve learned from analysing our losses. But it’s further unique to the company, since the sales process focuses on opportunities that are good for our company. That is, they are good business for us — they fit our strategies, they fit our ability to support them, they are with the customers we are trying to attract, they are aligned with our culture and values as an organization.

That’s why every company has unique sales processes. Every company has different strategies, different cultures and different values. What is good business and a great customer for one company may be terrible for another.

Make sure you invest the time in understanding and defining your own sales processes. It is the cornerstone to you success and differentiation. Overlay that, and sharpen your execution of your sales process with a great sales methodology. But make sure the methodology is integrated into your sales process

A CRM system benefits an organisation as it embeds a sales processes that is best suited to both the products, culture and prospects we are engaged with. A CRM system also allows management to monitor lost and abandoned opportunities enabling educated business decisions to be taken.

ProAptivity specialise in the implementation of Maximizer CRM and provide long term support to ensure the successful adoption of CRM as a critical business took. For more information contact us on 028 9099 6388

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