Smart Selling: The 215 Principle

Smart Selling: The 215 Principle refers to the actual number of selling day available to meet quota!

How many selling days a year do you actually have? A very conservative estimate is that there are only 215 days in the year? For most salespeople, that’s all there are! Don’t believe me? Do the math:

Start with 365 days in the year, then subtract

  • 104 weekend days
  • 22 Vacation and sick days
  • 24 days for non-selling meetings, training, and travel time

Just like that you’re down to 215 precious days in which you can sell. What will you do with your 215?

There’s only one sure-fire way to sell more: spend more of your 215 focused on revenue generating activities, like speaking to your prospects. To do that, you’ll need tools that eliminate or reduce the amount of time it takes to do everything else. Sales reports, activity reports, lead management, database cleansing, searching for email communication, the list goes on!

Think about it . . . Just 5 minutes saved every day puts 18 hours of selling time back in your pocket:

5 minutes x 215 days = 18 hours per year

Spend just 1 hour less each day on non-selling activities and you’ll end up with a whopping 27 days of extra selling time!

Having the right tools in place and managing them well makes an enormous difference in how productive salespeople are. That’s why businesses that are serious about enhance their organisational efficiency and improve staff productivity implement CRM systems.

To find out more about how a CRM system can help your organization contact ProAptivity. ProAptivity specialize in the design, implementation, training and support of organisations using Maximizer CRM. To find out more information, contact Niall on 028 9073 5630 for your free consultation to understand how CRM can benefit your business.

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