Customer Relationship Management

With ProAptivity’s robust Customer Relationship Management/CRM solutions, businesses from a wide range of industries can expect to better manage their database, streamline their order processes and improve their customer service

ProAptivity focuses on the implementation, training and support of highly customised CRM solutions. Our CRM tools are quick to deploy, using the best technology and offering value at a competitive price. We deliver both on-premise and cloud-based applications with enhanced mobile functionality. Our CRM systems also include workflow automation, helping businesses refine processes and enhance operational practices. 

How Can CRM Help a Business?

CRM can boost business productivity and efficiency. Forget about managing everything separately and processing information manually. At ProAptivity, we are passionate about eradicating data silos, as well as maximising accessibility and convenience. Our aim is to help businesses – both big and small – strategise more effectively and make more informed decisions with their customers at the forefront.

ProAptivity’s CRM services will enable you to:

  • Keep your data in one place
  • Centrally manage shareable contacts, emails, documents, notes and follow-ups
  • Manage contacts and appointments
  • Schedule tasks
  • Record sales opportunities
  • Automate sales activities
  • Have direct mail capability
  • Manage customer relations
  • Automate back-office tasks
  • Have real-time business Intelligence and management reporting

Different Types of CRM Software

CRM can benefit many industries. Our CRM software caters to four key sectors:

  • Sales e.g. helping sales teams meet and exceed revenue targets and build profitable relationships
  • Marketing e.g. helping you automate dynamic, personalised email campaigns
  • Charities e.g. helping to meet compliance requirements and boost stakeholder engagement 
  • Customer service e.g. helping you deliver instant support to your customers and fulfilling their expectation

ProAptivity’s CRM Consulting Services

ProAptivity also acts as a CRM consultancy, assisting you to ensure that the CRM you choose is the best solution for your business.

We believe that businesses should never have to adjust their needs to suit the CRM solutions available. Instead, it is vital that you implement a strong CRM solution that caters to your specific business needs in order to align with your customers and secure greater profitability.

At ProAptivity, our team of accredited CRM experts have been trained to help customers specify, select, install, and configure CRM solutions in order to successfully meet their goals and objectives. We also provide CRM training. campaign management and after sales support to ensure your business is getting the most from its investment.

For more information, or to enquire about getting started, contact our team today.